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Aug 29, 2013 3:00am PDT
. >> never know what i might do. >> coming up next how ford is using new technology to change the way it makes cars. brian gets a firsthand look at 3d printing. billionaire entrepreneur owner of the cleveland cavs and detroit native dan gilbert with us. first how ford is using innovation to bring jobs back to detroit. we'll talk to executive vice president mark fields next on a special edition of "morning joe." we're here at the university of colorado with master griller and pro-tailgater, matt connor who's secretly serving steaks from walmart. it's a steak over! dude, it's so good. it's juicy. it's nice and tender. only one in five steaks is good enough to be called walmart choice premium steak. all these steaks are from walmart. oh my gosh! top ten most tender steaks i've had. i'm going to start buying meat at walmart. walmart's prices are so low you could have steak at every game. it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed. try it. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal sea
Aug 26, 2013 3:00am PDT
company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. ♪ >> what i was saying. welcome back top of the hour, look at that, monday morning. time to get up and go to work. richard haas and bloomberg business juliana is with us. we're going to do third term, on the context of the word term. >> what were you saying in the break? just kidding. along with sam stein in washington. you said nothing, you were great. sam, hello. >> hello. >> sam, you want to chime in on the voter i.d. situation? >> yeah. i do. i think you got it wrong. i think there are restrictions here that are, you know, burning some prepredominantly minority communities. closing down polling stations, ending early voting. for college kids you can no longer in these instances use college i.d. laws. some of these people don
Aug 28, 2013 3:00am PDT
's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. where would you go?iving away a trip every day. woman: 'greece.' woman 2: 'i want to go to bora bora.' man: 'i'd always like to go to china.' anncr: download the expedia app and your next trip could be on us. expedia, find yours. >>> time for some sports and east coast new york media bias. we begin with the new york yankees taking on the blue jays. robinson canoe takes a fastball. mri came out negative. soriano two home runs, 400th of his career. yankees win the game still hanging around in the wild card. shane victorino helped in the pasting of the orioles. all about leather. two teams, robby grossman, a nice diving catch on a soft line drive there. next inning he snags this sinking liner. chicago won the game 4-3. they creep to within 21 out of first place. they are the most profitable, forbes says the astros on pace for $99 million in profit this season making them the most profitable team in history. really? >> they have a payroll. >> check out this play.
Aug 27, 2013 3:00am PDT
engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. i'to guard their manhood with trnew depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at it's a reality check. i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phones and i'd be sitting there like "mine's still loading!" i couldn't get email. i couldn't stream movies. i couldn't upload any of our music. that's when i decided to switch. now that i'm on verizon, everything moves fast. with verizon, i have that reliability. i'm completely happy with verizon. verizon's 4g lte is the most reliable and in more places than any other 4g network. period. that's powerful. verizon. get the nokia lumia 928 for free. >>> all right. let's take a look at the morning papers. 31 past the hour. "l.a. times" fully elected los angeles mayor eric garcetti is declaring a state of emergency for the film industry in hollywood. t
Aug 23, 2013 3:00am PDT
once brought it down in 1994. some people say we live in a technological age and just like your pc fails, or crashes from time to time, this is going to happen too. >> but if you were sitting in south dakota at that time in the afternoon, watching your portfolio not understanding what was happening, that was a pretty scary three hours. >> i think leigh would agree, if this had been say a jobs day or a day there was high volume and we are in the dog days of august, you needed liquidity, you might have seen an impact on the dow on names that could trade because you would have to sell things, you couldn't sell apple, maybe i'll sell my ibm. i think the biggest frustration and embarrassment for those of us who cover the markets is, we have the best capital markets in the entire world, it's one of the best selling points on our calling card all around the world an this shouldn't happen. >> it shouldn't. it's inexplicable. yes, this maybe happens with technology, but my e-mail hardly ever goes out. you know, there should be an answer for this and i think we don't have an answer as to why
Aug 22, 2013 3:00am PDT
schools redesign courses to help students finish more quickly. some use better technology. the point is it's possible. so let me put colleges and universities on notice. if you can't stop tuition from going up, the funding you get from taxpayers will go down. >>> now we might see some of that come to fruition. that was president obama in sis 2012 state of the union address threatening to withhold funding from colleges who fail to keep tuition down. here with us now from the white house secretary of education arne duncan with more details on president obama's mission to take tuition costs head on. thank you for coming on the program. first, specifically, tell us what the president is proposing? >> first let me just say every where i go whether to the grocery store, dry cleaners, every airplane i'm on you have hard-working middle class coming up and saying college is too expensive for them. it's just for the rich folks. the president sees a real problem with that. what he's trying to do are a couple of things. first make sure college is affordable, folks won't be burdened with debt at the ba
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)